We now have a FavoritesBar FAQ

What's New In This Version

  • 1.0.2B is the same as A with SLOWER tab activity =]
  • Text labeling is now an option. Turning it off makes FavBar act more like the app switcher.
  • The menu has gone bye bye. Nobody liked it, and it was really worthless.
  • Removed Shift Tab as a choice. Shift control tab now lets you cycle back through the list.
  • Holding shift control tab or control tab down let you move through the list now.
  • Preferences redesigned and cleaned up a bit.
  • The problem with the app never going away has been fixed.
I need people to localize FavoritesBar! If you're interested, email me.
If you have a feature request, email me! If you think FavoritesBar sucks, email me!

Your Files at Your Fingertips
With FavoritesBar, your favorite folders are at your fingertips no matter what application you are working in. Instead of switching to the Finder, opening a new Finder window, and selecting where you want to go using the new Panther sidebar, you just hit the FavoritesBar hotkey, and you're taken instantly to your files. This makes the Finder sidebar truly system wide -- it's already in every Finder window, and in every open panel. Now you can access it everywhere.

Aqua Look And Feel
FavoritesBar was designed from the ground up to fit seemlessly into the Mac OS X experience. The new application switcher and FavoritesBar look like two heads of the same coin, and that's by design. FavoritesBar never looks out of place, and because it's written in Cocoa, takes advantage of Apple's superb next generation compositing. In short, FavoritesBar just fits, does it's job, and gets out of your way.

Easy on the Wallet
FavoritesBar 1.0.2 is a free download. It costs you nothing to use. If you want to help Neosiris and Stevos out, we'll have payment by Kagi shortly. If you pay the 5$ fee, you will be put on a special list that we take feature suggestions from. By helping us out, you encourage us to make more fantastic Mac OS X applications.

Neosiris did all of the art for FavoritesBar itself (and the idea was his, if I remember correctly), and Stevos (me) did all of the coding for the app and also the art and code for the webpage (that's why it's ugly!). I used the BDAlias classes. I also got a bit of help from Anarchie, BahamutZER0, and the whole group at #macdev (though mikeash and AngryLuke helped especially). Thank you to everyone who has helped me with this project.