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Ikargua: Please, give me more.

“OK, game developers, time to step it up. I want more games like Ikaruga. If your game cannot be explained in thirty seconds, I don't...”
6 Comments | October 07, 2003

WarCraft III Frozen Throne Singleplayer

“I completed the FT single player campaign today. It was good, much much better than Reign of Chaos. On the other hand, it's not near...”
7 Comments | September 14, 2003

WarCraft III: Frozen Throne

“I felt I needed a new game since I am becoming perilously close to defeating Ikaruga. Because of this, I went to CompUSA today and...”
3 Comments | August 21, 2003


“I seem to recall the general consensus being that the Dreamcast was a "failed" machine, but that's hard to believe when playing it. It has...”
3 Comments | June 12, 2003

Unreal Tournament 2003 Demo

“Both CyberMonk and Erik spoke about Unreal Tournament 2003, the (possible) succesor to the FPS throne. To celebrate the release of a Mac demo, the...”
5 Comments | May 11, 2003

WarCraft III Beta Tournament #1 (Human)

“Today I participated in the war3 beta tourney. They really have a nifty system set up. I dislike the thirty minute time limit for the...”
2 Comments | April 23, 2003

Puzzle Gaming: Ikaruga and Enigmo

“Today I'd like to talk about two games I've been playing lately. Ikaruga (GameCube) by developer Treasure (who did Gunstar Heroes), and Enigmo (Mac OS...”
0 Comments | April 22, 2003

Natural Selection & Clans

“Natural Selection is a free Half-Life mod. It suceeds brilliantly in what it tries to do, but fudges a few details (most of them to...”
0 Comments | April 15, 2003

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