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Contact Stevos

“Here is my contact information: ICQ: 97986345 MAIL: AIM: IRC: I hang out in #macdev on (My nick is Stevos or some...”
0 Comments | October 11, 2003

Category Archive

“So I fixed the archives. They still suck in design but no longer in usefulness. There are now category archives and date based archives. Monk...”
0 Comments | September 14, 2003

The Two Minute Hate

“The Two Minute Hate premiered earlier today. Check it out, it's IB's weblog, where we hopefully get to hear all kinds of fun rants and...”
0 Comments | August 15, 2003

When Good Kids Go Bad

“CyberMonk posts an update here (and thus) : Why spend $85 dollars on a sleeved shirt when you can spend it on cheeseburgers, and ice...”
3 Comments | August 07, 2003

When Did I Become A Standards Whore

“After mulling it over in my head the past week I've decided to go ahead an start the slow process of implementing the new look...”
1 Comments | July 29, 2003

By Popular Request

“The complete Index template for Aquasition.Net: <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" ""> <html xmlns=""> <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=<$MTPublishCharset$>" /> <title><$MTBlogName$></title> <link href="favicon.ico"...”
7 Comments | June 26, 2003

Departing to SF

“I'm leaving tonight at about 7, and I'm heading for Dallas. My plane leaving Dallas leaves at like 9. I will bet anyone here that...”
5 Comments | June 20, 2003

Apple Store Boston, Video Games, Errata

“I went to the Apple Store in Boston yesterday, as part of a larger run through of the city. It's nothing compared to the Apple...”
0 Comments | June 15, 2003

In Brief: Boston Edition

“QuarkXPress 6 - Finally. I hope Quark dies, soon. Obviously, they won't, but they are a disgusting company. CocoaDev - Site redesigned. I'm going to...”
5 Comments | June 13, 2003

Updates, updates galore!

“I've reworked the links on the left side there, splitting them into categories. I had some trouble categorizing some of them, such as NSLog, which...”
0 Comments | June 10, 2003

RSS: What's the deal?

“Dave Winer prompted this thought. What's the deal with RSS? Why are there like 5 standards? Not just 5, but 5 apparently viable ones, without...”
1 Comments | June 08, 2003


“Life On Earth - Matt Gemmell talks about the nature of humanity, and I disagree with him in the comments. QuickColor - If I were,...”
1 Comments | May 30, 2003

Slashdot effect

“Slashdot is so lame these days. First of all, Linux is like 90% communists. That's why it's called RedHat. Most of the posts there seem...”
2 Comments | May 12, 2003

The Day In Review (5/7/03)

“Today I took the AP Computer Science AB exam. Forty multiple choice and 4 short answer style questions. I think I may just have netted...”
1 Comments | May 07, 2003

A Funny Conversation

“Oh yes, you'll laugh your ass off, if you know anything about the people involved. Shugubu and I are speaking about MacStorm Systems. I'll put...”
9 Comments | May 06, 2003

CSS Newbie Designer: Yes, That Is Me

“After ranting a bit about css, I sent emails to two big people, namely Dave Winer and Mark Pilgrim. I was basically asking them if...”
6 Comments | May 05, 2003

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