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“In my life, I've only played a single instrument: viola, in seventh and eighth grade. I'm not a musically inclined person. And yet, today I...”
4 Comments | January 17, 2004

MacWorld San Francisco '04

“Well, what a day. Let's get started: 1. XServe G5. Way to go Apple, it was silly to have your servers running the slower processor....”
2 Comments | January 06, 2004

Tasty New Years Tidbit

“Omniweb 5 Screenshots. Enjoy. Omniweb 5 had better rock the pants off of everything....”
1 Comments | December 31, 2003

ShapeShifter Redux Redux

“That's right, we're talking about ShapeShifter again. Raise your hand if you're bored with that. We're starting with some MacNN Forum posts. You want to...”
6 Comments | December 02, 2003

Mac OS X Themes Part Deux

“In the last few days, we have seen an abundance of OS X theme news. Unsanity released ShapeShifter, a new theme application that promises to...”
2 Comments | November 19, 2003


“Mac OS X themeing grew up a lot today: Unsanity released "ShapeShifter" (1.0), which at this point is primarily just a theme switcher that doesn't...”
0 Comments | November 18, 2003

Why OS 9 Rocks

“One of the biggest advantages OS 9 has over OS X is the ability to drag and drop your System Folder and create a new...”
2 Comments | October 29, 2003

Panther & Safari 1.1

“Woo, nice job Apple. I did the whole 'backup important files and erase' routine last night, and installed Panther this morning (I also attended a...”
5 Comments | October 25, 2003

Why Apple?

“I'll tell you why Apple. Last night, I had two hundred notecards to do for history class. Nevermind that the idea of making everyone do...”
5 Comments | October 02, 2003

Freeware I Can't Live Without

“InfernoBlade posted an entry about good freeware, so I thought I'd follow it up, with more of a Mac perspective. Now, I recognize that most...”
3 Comments | August 18, 2003

Adobe Adobe Adobe

“Oh Adobe, even as you entice me with visions of Photoshop 8 on one hand, you cannot help but embarrass yourself publicly the next minute....”
1 Comments | July 07, 2003

Top Ten Safari Problemos

“Dave Hyatt is asking people for their top ten Safari bugs, so without further ado, here are mine (some of these aren't exactly page display,...”
4 Comments | July 03, 2003

Fastest Computer In The World

“Yes, yes it is. Last night, I had a very good dinner with the crew from #macdev, those who went to WWDC or live in...”
7 Comments | June 25, 2003

970's, New Project Builder, Panther at WWDC

“BahamutZER0 reports that we might see the 970's at WWDC. I'm skeptical, but that also would explain the 'To Be Announced' slots on the WWDC...”
0 Comments | June 08, 2003

And That's The Difference

“Robert Scoble writes about this new Windows RSS Aggregator / Reader, FeedDemon. He calls this the "most awaited RSS News Aggregator so far". I looked...”
2 Comments | June 08, 2003

OS X vs. OS 9

“Matt Deatherage's latest article in MacWorld prompted me to think about this enigma. On one hand, you've got the most usable interface in the world....”
9 Comments | May 08, 2003

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