Archive Page for February 2004

Usability Expert Indeed

“As noted by John Gruber, Matthew Thomas has switched from OS 9 to OS X, and talks about his first 48 hours. It's a good...”
2 Comments | apple | February 20, 2004


“I sort of got a taste today of why so many people in this country don't care about politics. Governor Howard Dean came in a...”
4 Comments | life | February 17, 2004

I'm Such a Badass

“I just defeated "The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker" about thirty seconds ago. I thought it was pretty good -- if the rumor holds...”
4 Comments | gaming | February 15, 2004


“If you live in any of the states that are having primaries today, and were not planning on voting, I want to strongly encourage you...”
10 Comments | life | February 03, 2004

Life & Link

“1. Life - I just completed the last college application. Thank God that's over. I'd really like it if those of you who pray would...”
6 Comments | cocoa | February 02, 2004