January 07, 2004

MovableType Comment Spam

Required reading. I'll wait.

You're back. I've been getting one or two or even four comment spams per day now. The way comment spam works is that they link to whatever they want to link to, and then google indexes your site and the spammers pop to the top of the list.

My current system, which works fairly well, is simply to flag comment spam as Junk when I am sent the email from MovableType. This helps me so I don't have to sort through everything.

It can get better though. I want to add a "type this word inside the box" type of thing, just because spammers target the masses and if I'm the only one with such a device I'll be safe for awhile. There is a MovableType plugin called "MT-Blacklist" that is critically acclaimed, but I don't really want to have to start training a blacklist filter when the amount of spam is so low still. I'd really like a points based system, where you get points for using words that are in the entry itself, and anything over like 15 points is posted immediately, otherwise I review it. Longer words are worth more points I suppose. Anyway.

I want to implement closing comments after a certain amount of time. I think DiveIntoMark does that, so I'll look around tomorrow.

On the front page of the NYTimes today there was a story about Bush's new plan to make illegal immigrants legal. I'm totally for it, but at the same time there must be a huge crackdown on employers who employ illegal immigrants. That will force people to register which in the end helps everyone but employers who want to pay people $3 an hour. Very strange piece of legislation to come from the Bush camp, though I'm sure that the left will have some reasons to hate it already.

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The left actually already are showing signs of approval. They may not like Bush, but they can like what he does if it follows their thinking and at the same time causes the same people who supported Bush in the last election to go up in arms. Of course, the whole ordeal smacks of want for the Latino vote, but what else is new? This is politics we're talking about.

And as for a word-based comment spam filter or whatever it is you're envisioning, that too would be on the level of a blacklist, if not slightly more adaptive. An offense dictionary would have to be compiled, your point system would have to be rationed out among various words (which would also need to be decided manually), and such a system would also carry a higher risk of deleting true commentary. There's problems no matter where you look.

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