January 06, 2004

MacWorld San Francisco '04

Well, what a day. Let's get started:

1. XServe G5. Way to go Apple, it was silly to have your servers running the slower processor.
2. GarageBand. Simply excellent. All that's missing is one click publishing to iTunes Music Store. One person said that they would rather use Reason than GarageBand. For $200 more, you can feel free to do that. Oh, you'll also be down iMovie 4, iDVD 4, and iPhoto 4. Your choice though.
I'm sad to see iPhoto go for money now. While it's true that it will almost certainly come with OS X 10.4, and it does come with every new Mac, not having a download sucks when you need to replace it.
3. iPod mini. People have raised the following arguments: it's too expensive, it's too ugly, and why would I buy one over a 15GB iPod.
Here are your answers. As John Gruber points out here, the original iPod was thought by many to be far too expensive as well. Let the market decide the price. In terms of the looks of the unit, wait until you see it in person. It might be a little camera shy. As to the last one, this is more of an interesting question. As it turns out, the market Apple is going after with the mini is the high dollar Flash based market. Those sell for $100-200. If you were choosing between that Rio thing and a mini, the mini is the obvious choice. Try to keep it in your mind then that the 15GB iPod and the mini are actually at two distinct price levels, at two different areas of the market. And in the end, Apple probably would rather you buy an iPod 15 GB for now, since there is almost for sure more profit there.

Someone else predicted that Apple would be losing their hold on the MP3 player market very soon. This same person has also had other predictions of dubious merit in the past, which will not be repeated here, but I frankly don't see it coming. Apple has 31% of the market share (almost certainly more in December!), but they also have an obscene amount of mindshare. The people I talk to think iPod and MP3 player are synonymous.

It was cold today. Bring on spring.

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Point in case: I wouldn't buy a flash-based MP3 player either =P

·January 7, 2004 12:29 AM · comment by CyberMonk   -   ∞

But they could of brough the Mini iPod price down to say like $220 or lower but not below $200. And that would of been the smarter thing to do, it doesn't get any immediate... WHOA Thats to expensive, it just peaks everyones intrest.

·January 7, 2004 09:11 AM · comment by Exar   -   ∞
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