Archive Page for December 2003

Tasty New Years Tidbit

“Omniweb 5 Screenshots. Enjoy. Omniweb 5 had better rock the pants off of everything....”
1 Comments | apple | December 31, 2003

Ten Years?

“I've been sifting through Joel on Software, and it's good stuff. The last thing I've read, though, gives me pause. I'm talking about Good Software...”
2 Comments | cocoa | December 30, 2003

Great Cocoa Code

“Matt Gemmell has been releasing Cocoa code for the last week, at an amazing pace. All of it is useful for implementing things Apple has...”
0 Comments | cocoa | December 29, 2003

Tricksy Hobbits

“I'm back from Crested Butte, CO, having skied 4 days. When I was on one of the especially long chair lifts, I would admire the...”
2 Comments | cocoa | December 25, 2003


“I'm looking into getting a new phone. My current model is the Nokia that everyone had like a year ago. It's a fine phone, but...”
2 Comments | | December 06, 2003

ShapeShifter Redux Redux

“That's right, we're talking about ShapeShifter again. Raise your hand if you're bored with that. We're starting with some MacNN Forum posts. You want to...”
6 Comments | apple | December 02, 2003