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Happy Thanksgiving

“I'm gone, in wonderful San Francisco, until this Sunday. Everyone have a good Thanksgiving, and remember what you're thankful for....”
1 Comments | life | November 26, 2003

Mac OS X Themes Part Deux

“In the last few days, we have seen an abundance of OS X theme news. Unsanity released ShapeShifter, a new theme application that promises to...”
2 Comments | apple | November 19, 2003


“Mac OS X themeing grew up a lot today: Unsanity released "ShapeShifter" (1.0), which at this point is primarily just a theme switcher that doesn't...”
0 Comments | apple | November 18, 2003

FavoritesBar 1.0.2B

“B is for second release, not for beta. This release has support for holding down tab to cycle through the list (or shift tab to...”
1 Comments | cocoa | November 17, 2003

FontDemo (Cocoa)

“Some of you may not know this about me, but for all my Mac punditry and zeal, I actually own a PC as well. Currently...”
1 Comments | cocoa | November 17, 2003

A FavoritesBar Poll

“I'm having a little bit of difficulty with FavoritesBar, in that I don't know how everyone is using it. If you don't mind, answer these...”
9 Comments | cocoa | November 09, 2003

I saw the Matrix today (Also, FB 1.0.1)

“Today I saw the Matrix Revolutions. My question is, where is the goddamn revolution? I didn't like it. Maybe I'll have more to speak on...”
3 Comments | cocoa | November 05, 2003

FavoritesBar 1.0 Release

“FavoritesBar page. I'd like some more feedback on this puppy, so give me what you've got. Thanks....”
13 Comments | cocoa | November 04, 2003


“Fun. Aquasition Statistics Page. Thanks to the MT forumgoers....”
0 Comments | | November 02, 2003