November 17, 2003

FavoritesBar 1.0.2B

B is for second release, not for beta.

This release has support for holding down tab to cycle through the list (or shift tab to go backwards). 1.0.2 had this ability as well, but the general concensus was that 1.0.2 was WAY too fast. Hopefully I didn't slow it down too much with 1.0.2B.

Anyway, FavoritesBar is now, I think, feature complete (to my designs, anyway). If anyone has any feature requests, please mail me.

Links: The FavBar page | Direct Download | VersionTracker page.

I'm hoping to have FavoritesBar mentioned on ResExcellence within the next couple of days, which if history has any indications should give me lots of downloads, which equals more feedback, which equals better FavoritesBar. It's sad that this app only has like 1,500 downloads, while SafariSkin, which can best be described as a cheap hack, has close to 7,000 downloads. It's all relative, I suppose, since SafariSkin came out when there was a big hullaballoo about Safari, whereas I think very few have heard of FavoritesBar. Tell your friends =]

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I the hell do you get it to download i click on it all day nothing happen

·November 28, 2003 12:02 AM · comment by Kelley   -   ∞
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