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Why OS 9 Rocks

“One of the biggest advantages OS 9 has over OS X is the ability to drag and drop your System Folder and create a new...”
2 Comments | apple | October 29, 2003


“Ever have the feeling that you're not going to make it through the week? I have that feeling right now. So much work to be...”
4 Comments | | October 28, 2003

Panther & Safari 1.1

“Woo, nice job Apple. I did the whole 'backup important files and erase' routine last night, and installed Panther this morning (I also attended a...”
5 Comments | apple | October 25, 2003

I promised...

“and I'll be damned if I didn't deliver. CandyStore. Yes, it's a CandyBar rip. Yes, the name is a joke. No, I don't hate Panic,...”
2 Comments | cocoa | October 21, 2003

Powerful stuff

“ Great idea, and a great site to present the information. While some might argue otherwise, this site proves to me that people are inherently...”
0 Comments | | October 20, 2003

iTunes for Windows

“Obligatory link. Wow, I'm impressed. Something that matters infinitely more than marketshare is mindshare, and Apple is poised to capture a lot of it if...”
1 Comments | | October 16, 2003


“Last night I called 911 (the reason will possibly be discussed later, possibly not). The strange thing is that 911 was busy the first time...”
2 Comments | life | October 12, 2003

Contact Stevos

“Here is my contact information: ICQ: 97986345 MAIL: AIM: IRC: I hang out in #macdev on (My nick is Stevos or some...”
0 Comments | blog | October 11, 2003

Ikargua: Please, give me more.

“OK, game developers, time to step it up. I want more games like Ikaruga. If your game cannot be explained in thirty seconds, I don't...”
6 Comments | gaming | October 07, 2003

Why Apple?

“I'll tell you why Apple. Last night, I had two hundred notecards to do for history class. Nevermind that the idea of making everyone do...”
5 Comments | apple | October 02, 2003