October 29, 2003

Why OS 9 Rocks

One of the biggest advantages OS 9 has over OS X is the ability to drag and drop your System Folder and create a new copy of the OS. OS X lacks this ability -- I think it has to do with permissions or something, but I don't think there is any reason that Unix can't be dragged and dropped to install, just that nobody in Unixland has ever wanted the ability and nobody in Appleland has put a little engineering to the problem.

Another great thing about OS 9 is the tiny interface. For some reason both Windows XP and Mac OS X decided that interfaces need to be MASSIVE BIG. It feels like I've got a much larger display when I'm running OS 9. Luckily some genius in #macdev is working on an application enhancer to control the size of windows, menubars and buttons. Should be cool if it gets done.

The last great thing about OS 9 is the themeability. Under the Appearance control panel, you can pick from all kinds of groovy themes. I understand in some ways why Apple wants you to have ONE Aqua, but I think it would really rock if there were iColors of Aqua built right into the OS -- and even AppKit functionality for displaying the correct image in a program based on the system. Man, that would rock.

So, uh, a 10.4 feature list? =]

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Mac OS X can be dragged and dropped, there is just more than one folder to do drag and drop. There is /System, /Library, /usr, /private, various symbolic links to reproduce (/etc, /var), and the kernel (/mach, /mach.sym, and a symbolic link I have forgotten the name of).

As for permissions, just copy the above with sudo cp -R -p and you'll be all set.

For an easier solution, try Carbon Copy Cloner.

And Stevos, there is bound to be some limitations to doing whatever you want with a secure OS, because OS 9 wasn't one and OSX is one, i.e. you can't fuck with the system files as you please, which is a Good Thing (tm).

·October 30, 2003 10:58 AM · comment by BahamutZERO   -   ∞

Go try that drag and drop thing yourself first, and THEN talk about what the Finder doesn't do when dragging and dropping, and what cp -R -p doesn't do....

·November 4, 2003 08:59 PM · comment by Anarchie   -   ∞
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