October 21, 2003

I promised...

and I'll be damned if I didn't deliver.


Yes, it's a CandyBar rip. Yes, the name is a joke. No, I don't hate Panic, I love them, I bought Transmit, leave me alone.

What happened was I found myself on an unsupported system (10.3). I wanted pretty folders and such. My first attempt was to just mess with the CandyBar icon list file and get it working, sadly it seems some part of CandyBar isn't ready for 10.3 OR I was just not doing it right. Either way, by snooping around I found that Apple has very nicely moved a bunch of icons into a systemwide bundle instead of in a resource as they have been for so long. I quickly began work on a CandyBar replacement, that would only work on 10.3.

My app has a lot missing: CandyBar does hashing, to make sure you have the original file. CandyBar also supports iContainers, and lists it's icons in a much nicer way. CandyBar can also revert from backup while right now this is a manual process for me. Some of this is intentional, some of it is technical. Stuff like the nice icon listing could be done, but I don't want to mess with CandyBar that much*. The reverting from backup will be done fairly soon, I hope.

Anyways, I'll have something of a beta up tomorrow. This application will likely always be distributed as pure source, to further avoid messing with CandyBar. The main reason we're not messing with them is that we are COPYING CandyBar quite a bit and that's a load of crap to copy a real app, and make it free (assuming the cost of the app is decent! I did just that for SafariSkin because I was pissed people were charging for button changers!).

Lastly, CandyStore IS a joke, because Mac users have complained about being nickled and dimed to death (not that Panic does that!).

*Not that my app is on the level to mess with CandyBar, but uh, it's FREE.

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Oops =P

·October 23, 2003 05:50 PM · comment by CyberMonk   -   ∞

I'd like to see it. Let there be CandyStore! :-p

·October 26, 2003 07:31 PM · comment by jwill   -   ∞
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