October 16, 2003

iTunes for Windows

Obligatory link.

Wow, I'm impressed. Something that matters infinitely more than marketshare is mindshare, and Apple is poised to capture a lot of it if they work here. Right now (or before the iPod I should say), Apple is just a company that makes computers and software that faces off against Microsoft / Intel. Now, Apple is a cool company that makes very nice products (iTunes, iPod). Judging by the numbers of iPods sold, Apple has made quite the inroads to American popular culture. Soon, hopefully people who use iTunes will think that they can get an extension of this experience with an iMac. Not to mention sex appeal. And for a huge portion of the population, who use Microsoft Word 99% of the time, why don't you want sex appeal?

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Because I don't fuck my computer. Duh. It's a tool, not a girlfriend.

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