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Movies X 2

“Matrix Revolutions. The Return of the King. Breathe Steven, breathe. Good lord, I can't wait. Revolutions trailers look fantastic, every part of the Matrix coming...”
3 Comments | life | September 24, 2003

The List

“California Institute of Technology University of Puget Sound Stanford University Skidmore College Pepperdine University Georgetown University Bentley College George Washington University That's right, get cracking....”
8 Comments | life | September 23, 2003


“CyberMonk writes about Underworld. He recommends you not see it. I'll agree, but for different reasons. I didn't think this movie was horrible: it was...”
6 Comments | life | September 21, 2003

WarCraft III Frozen Throne Singleplayer

“I completed the FT single player campaign today. It was good, much much better than Reign of Chaos. On the other hand, it's not near...”
7 Comments | gaming | September 14, 2003

Category Archive

“So I fixed the archives. They still suck in design but no longer in usefulness. There are now category archives and date based archives. Monk...”
0 Comments | blog | September 14, 2003

Standards Compliant ResExcellence

“Now we need to take a serious little look at an issue that I've seen brought up in various forum threads and email. What I'm...”
4 Comments | web standards | September 09, 2003

Cocoa Font Stuff

“Lately I've been mucking with fonts in Cocoa -- trying to add better font menus and such to TextEdit. On a side note I wish...”
1 Comments | cocoa | September 07, 2003

TextEdit v.X

“Go Cocoa Go. The Future of Mac OS X Word Processing. More info as it appears......”
3 Comments | cocoa | September 06, 2003

School and Life

“School has begun. It has taken over my entire being. I have enrolled in an after school job, which I primarily got to use for...”
2 Comments | life | September 01, 2003