September 01, 2003

School and Life

School has begun. It has taken over my entire being.

I have enrolled in an after school job, which I primarily got to use for a Senior Job, which enables you to get out of sports. I don't hate sports, but none of my friends are doing sports this term so it made sense to get out of it now. My job blows, in my opinion. Some people might be perfectly OK with it, but I've seen jobs my friends have and they simply aren't as bad in many areas as this one. I work at Mr. Goodcent's (it's a subway ripoff) by the way. My friends have always said 'Food Jobs Suck' and I agreed, but I thought that this place would be different because I had been there a few times and it was always very clean. I know now it was clean for a reason. We're supposed to leave at 9 every night, but I haven't left before 10 and one night I left at 10:50. The worst part of the job is cleaning, because food is disgusting. A large part of our job is disguising the disgusting food to make it look edible. I am going to apply to better jobs tomorrow so we'll see how that goes.

I have been working on homework since 8 and still have a paper to write, and this is after 3 days of school! The paper is on a 'personal Frontier' I have had (the class is Frontier Literature). I still have no idea what I am going to write about, I've had a damn good life. I do, however, know what I'll be writing in: TextEdit. My copy of Word somehow didn't make the transition to OS X 10.3 so TextEdit will suffice. The Cocoa text engine is so damn powerful in 10.3 that I almost don't ever need Word.

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Anyone remember that word processor Apple was supposedly working on called Document? I always thought that would be sweet. And "Document" is the greatest name for a word processor ever.

You're right about TextEdit though: good stuff. I wrote all my papers as .rtf files last year. And that was in 10.2.

·September 2, 2003 10:14 AM · comment by Brian   -   ∞

I've not used the newest edition of TextEdit in 10.3, but I didn't like the fact that the font panel (which is a floater, no less) needs to be kept out if you want to be changing your text styling often. That, or work on your Command+Key skills. Also, the systemwide dictionary is nowhere near as complete as Word's.

·September 2, 2003 05:33 PM · comment by CyberMonk   -   ∞
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