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OmniWeb 5 Suggestions

“This entry will be my log for features I want in Omniweb 5.0. Please ICQ me (97986345) and I'll add any features of yours that...”
2 Comments | cocoa | August 22, 2003

WarCraft III: Frozen Throne

“I felt I needed a new game since I am becoming perilously close to defeating Ikaruga. Because of this, I went to CompUSA today and...”
3 Comments | gaming | August 21, 2003

Freeware I Can't Live Without

“InfernoBlade posted an entry about good freeware, so I thought I'd follow it up, with more of a Mac perspective. Now, I recognize that most...”
3 Comments | apple | August 18, 2003


“Very depressing when you try to do a simple math problem and you can't even begin to figure it out. You have no clue what...”
1 Comments | life | August 16, 2003

The Two Minute Hate

“The Two Minute Hate premiered earlier today. Check it out, it's IB's weblog, where we hopefully get to hear all kinds of fun rants and...”
0 Comments | blog | August 15, 2003

Metal Buttons

“Brushed Metal now has it's very own button. Those of you in the know can see what this hints at in later versions of the...”
3 Comments | cocoa | August 14, 2003


“Actually, Carbon *definitely* isn't cross platform. For one thing I know of no other operating systems which implement the full Carbon API. Cocoa however, stems...”
5 Comments | cocoa | August 11, 2003

And Now Safari is Truly 1.0

“Dave Hyatt has fixed the selection bug. This bug was the most annoying thing to hit browsers since <blink>. Can't wait for the shipping version...”
3 Comments | | August 08, 2003

Hello Class

“Today, we talk about Carbon and Cocoa. (As does John Gruber) 1. Cocoa comes from NeXT. 2. Carbon comes from the old Mac toolbox, updated...”
5 Comments | cocoa | August 08, 2003

When Good Kids Go Bad

“CyberMonk posts an update here (and thus) : Why spend $85 dollars on a sleeved shirt when you can spend it on cheeseburgers, and ice...”
3 Comments | blog | August 07, 2003

Comcast Cable Internet -- The Suck

“It works. Sort of. But, it doesn't really work: it's the most unreliable thing ever. I call the guy, and explain that it works some...”
5 Comments | life | August 06, 2003

What I've Been Doing

“I recognize that I said I wouldn't be posting for two weeks. This would definitely be true, if not for the surprising fact that my...”
4 Comments | life | August 05, 2003