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Final Trip of the Summer

“Going to Olympia. Will return in 2 week (ugh). It will be fun but I really can't get over how fast this summer has gone....”
2 Comments | life | July 30, 2003

When Did I Become A Standards Whore

“After mulling it over in my head the past week I've decided to go ahead an start the slow process of implementing the new look...”
1 Comments | blog | July 29, 2003

Go Hang A Salami

“I'm a lasagna hog. Do geese see God? Senile Felines Was it a car or a cat I saw? Are we not drawn onward, we...”
2 Comments | life | July 28, 2003


“It's amazing how much work goes into an that has nothing to do with the actual process of installing files. For example, NSWorkspace can...”
0 Comments | cocoa | July 25, 2003

REALBasic: Now for Linux

“REAL Software announced here that RB 5.5 will proudly compile for Linux. They don't note what window manager, nor what flavor of Linux (the second...”
1 Comments | cocoa | July 23, 2003

Various Cocoa Information

“Yesterday I made a post on Irate Scottsman's little wiki, entitled MakingYourAppLaunchAtStartup. It gives sample code for making an application launch at startup based on...”
0 Comments | cocoa | July 23, 2003

The Return of the Jedi

“Vail was nice. Would have been nicer skiing, but you can't expect that in the summer. So instead, we kayaked, mountain biked, hiked, rode ATVs,...”
1 Comments | | July 20, 2003

Leaving for Vail, Colorado

“I will VERY likely not be posting for like a week. See you soon. Unless I post tomorrow morning, in which case see you then....”
4 Comments | life | July 12, 2003


“ Add comments. Add support for more icons. Get ctrl working. More as it comes....”
0 Comments | cocoa | July 07, 2003

Adobe Adobe Adobe

“Oh Adobe, even as you entice me with visions of Photoshop 8 on one hand, you cannot help but embarrass yourself publicly the next minute....”
1 Comments | apple | July 07, 2003

Cocoa Fun

“Matt Gemmel writes here and here about handling URL's in standard text. It's a problem I'm looking into right now, because I'm frankly getting sick...”
1 Comments | cocoa | July 06, 2003

Happy 4th of July

“Happy 4th everyone, even those of you who hate America. I've got something, for those of you who are truly elite, running Panther. (Download FavoritesBar)....”
4 Comments | cocoa | July 04, 2003

Top Ten Safari Problemos

“Dave Hyatt is asking people for their top ten Safari bugs, so without further ado, here are mine (some of these aren't exactly page display,...”
4 Comments | apple | July 03, 2003

Proxima Project v. 2

“ProximaProject was updated today. It's the brainchild of Janky and Limzainy, Janky exercising some mad PHP skills, and Limz exercising his mad graphics skills. It's...”
1 Comments | art | July 01, 2003