July 23, 2003

Various Cocoa Information

Yesterday I made a post on Irate Scottsman's little wiki, entitled MakingYourAppLaunchAtStartup. It gives sample code for making an application launch at startup based on the value of a checkbox. I'd say it's fairly useful.

BahamutZER0 posted a BLP Tools intial public release today, it can be had at the MacStorm Mac Downloads Page. BLP is the format used in Blizzard's WarCraft 3 for textures, and the BLP Tool application converts from Targa to BLP and back. It's a nice piece of work, and BZ's first thing using OpenGL, so hats off to him.

I'm almost ready to release beta 2 of FavoritesBar to selected testers, mail me if you'd like to help test. You must be running Mac OS X 10.2 or 10.3 (preferably 10.3, as we have mostly 10.2 testers for now). There were lots of silly bugs in the beta 1 release but I think most of them are ironed out in beta 2. Only one known bug remains, and it's a hella annoying drawing bug. I put a 'quick fix' on it today, but I'm still not really happy with it. The other thing that I need to do is figure out how to properly track changes to files/folders, but Anarchie thinks there is a syscall for that so I'll figure it out.

My next project has to do with the almightiPod, so that should be cool to experiment with.

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