July 20, 2003

The Return of the Jedi

Vail was nice. Would have been nicer skiing, but you can't expect that in the summer. So instead, we kayaked, mountain biked, hiked, rode ATVs, and white water rafted. Which was plenty cool.
I am glad to be home. I had a hell of a time sleeping in Vail, the only blankets they had were uber-thick (like for the winter) and I was thus either very hot or very cold.

Man typing is weird. I typed that above at like 10 words per minute.

I have a project that is nearing completion (a few small but important issues remain) and then another one which I thought of on the plane ride today. So good luck to both.

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Your damnable site didn't remember my comment info yet again, you bastard.

And, you have that weird typing thing, too! Whenever I go backpacking, upon my return, the keyboard and mouse feel so foreign! It's bizarre. I guess it's all that fishing; your hands get melded into the shape of the pole and the reel-winder =P

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