July 07, 2003

Adobe Adobe Adobe

Oh Adobe, even as you entice me with visions of Photoshop 8 on one hand, you cannot help but embarrass yourself publicly the next minute. Adobe announced they are dropping Mac support for Premiere 7. codepoet has his thoughts, atAT have theirs as well.
I think it's pretty funny actually. It's not like Final Cut Pro comes free with every Mac or something. There is obviously room for someone else to come and try to compete in this space. When Adobe had that 'PC Preferred' page up, someone did a little benchmarking of their own and found that if Premiere got the same boost from dual processors as Final Cut did, the G4 would have been equal or beat the PC's they had in the test. That basically showed how much better of a product Final Cut is, and how lame Premiere has gotten. Not like this matters, though, seeing as we still have FCP, there isn't some kind of gaping hole in Mac OS video editors. If we lose Office, though, that would suck. (Not that that will happen, as I hear they make an obscene amount of money on Mac Office).

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Yeah, I think there's some element of taking ones toys and going home there, although you can't underestimate the difficulty of competing against a platform vendor in the software game.

Still, I don't think this would be happening if Premiere didn't suck so much compared to Final Cut Express. I guess I think about it this way: you don't see Apple coming out with a Photoshop replacement, because if they did, no one would buy it! Adobe is only losing out because of its own intrasigence.

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