July 06, 2003

Cocoa Fun

Matt Gemmel writes here and here about handling URL's in standard text. It's a problem I'm looking into right now, because I'm frankly getting sick of copying URLs from TimePiece into Safari. Beer Penguin told me he is using Snak now -- not surprising, since TimePiece is not supported, very alpha software. Still, I aspire to do better than Snak. As it was in the beginning, the TimePiece project is primarily an attempt to create a IRC client that I can use. If TimePiece doesn't work in some odd situation that I'll never come across, that's fine.
FavoritesBar now should run on OS X 10.2, but I can't promise. It should also run on 10.3, as well. I had a hell of a time getting the thing compiled non-development (Hint, it's nowhere near the 'Target' settings!), but now I've done that and it's no longer dependent on ZeroLink.framework. So download, have a blast, and leave your thoughts in the comments. Also, if you know a way I could make the thing respond to mouse AND to keys (I need to tell when the CTRL key is let up and get mouse events) I would love to hear it. Enabling one disables the other, for no apparent reason.

I don't know if I say this enough, but just in case I don't: BahamutZER0, Anarchie, Luke, Feanor, the rest of #MacDev, and recently Matt Gemmel - Thank You. I'd be lost without you guys.

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Well the program launches and runs, but it doesn't display anything (in Jag, that is).

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