July 01, 2003

Proxima Project v. 2

ProximaProject was updated today. It's the brainchild of Janky and Limzainy, Janky exercising some mad PHP skills, and Limz exercising his mad graphics skills. It's a truly beautiful site, and I hope it takes off for them.
The splash, however, is bad. "Best Viewed With Internet Explorer". I don't get it. This pair seems nerdy enough to use Mozilla, or at least Pheonix. Why would you want to design your page for IE, when it's basically much easier to design to a standard, and then possibly tweak for IE / NS 4? I don't understand it.
Two other small gripes I had: One, the rollover images aren't preloaded. A small mistake, but uh, something to mention. Secondly, the [Thumbnail] graphic is unclear. Am I looking at a thumbnail? Will clicking bring me a thumbnail? No, actually, clicking brings you to another page where you can vote on the image, and on that page, clicking on the image gives you the full screen image. They ought to provide two links so I can get straight to the full screen image from the gallery page.
Anyways, I love the thing, it's a good idea, and a beautiful site. Just clean up your quirks!

Posted by Stevos at July 1, 2003 11:59 AM | TrackBack

Lol, thanks Steve.
The HTML was initially done with Dreamweaver, which is why it works best with IE. I DID also optimize it for Safari. I figured that was what mac users were using these days, but apparently I'm wrong. It's my understanding that Mozilla only displays a few glitches, so I'll work on those (I've got mozilla on my freebsd machine). The splash was supposed to say "Best viewed with IE/Safari", so we'll update it to say that and hopefully mozilla as well.
Your other critiques are valid as well. This is my first attempt at a complex PHP site and it's only been out for a few hours so it's bound to have some problems :). I'll work on those things when I get a chance.

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