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By Popular Request

“The complete Index template for Aquasition.Net: <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" ""> <html xmlns=""> <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=<$MTPublishCharset$>" /> <title><$MTBlogName$></title> <link href="favicon.ico"...”
7 Comments | blog | June 26, 2003

Fastest Computer In The World

“Yes, yes it is. Last night, I had a very good dinner with the crew from #macdev, those who went to WWDC or live in...”
7 Comments | apple | June 25, 2003

The Net is Shit

“The Net is shit here. This is acceptable since it is a huge ass airport network, with like 2000 computers on it at one time,...”
4 Comments | cocoa | June 24, 2003

Departing to SF

“I'm leaving tonight at about 7, and I'm heading for Dallas. My plane leaving Dallas leaves at like 9. I will bet anyone here that...”
5 Comments | blog | June 20, 2003

Summer Project

“Today, while on the plane from Boston, I realized that my summer is almost half over. More, actually, since so much of what remains is...”
6 Comments | cocoa | June 17, 2003

Apple Store Boston, Video Games, Errata

“I went to the Apple Store in Boston yesterday, as part of a larger run through of the city. It's nothing compared to the Apple...”
0 Comments | blog | June 15, 2003

In Brief: Boston Edition

“QuarkXPress 6 - Finally. I hope Quark dies, soon. Obviously, they won't, but they are a disgusting company. CocoaDev - Site redesigned. I'm going to...”
5 Comments | blog | June 13, 2003


“I seem to recall the general consensus being that the Dreamcast was a "failed" machine, but that's hard to believe when playing it. It has...”
3 Comments | gaming | June 12, 2003

Isreal: Are We Playing Fair?

“I was listening to my talk radio today, and they were talking about how when we are attacked by terrorists, the President said that we...”
6 Comments | life | June 11, 2003

I think I'm still the winner

“CyberMonk's "And the Winner Is..." disputes my theory that things will 'just work' in terms of moving from Jaguar to Panther. His reasoning is that...”
3 Comments | cocoa | June 10, 2003

Updates, updates galore!

“I've reworked the links on the left side there, splitting them into categories. I had some trouble categorizing some of them, such as NSLog, which...”
0 Comments | blog | June 10, 2003

RSS: What's the deal?

“Dave Winer prompted this thought. What's the deal with RSS? Why are there like 5 standards? Not just 5, but 5 apparently viable ones, without...”
1 Comments | blog | June 08, 2003

970's, New Project Builder, Panther at WWDC

“BahamutZER0 reports that we might see the 970's at WWDC. I'm skeptical, but that also would explain the 'To Be Announced' slots on the WWDC...”
0 Comments | apple | June 08, 2003

And That's The Difference

“Robert Scoble writes about this new Windows RSS Aggregator / Reader, FeedDemon. He calls this the "most awaited RSS News Aggregator so far". I looked...”
2 Comments | apple | June 08, 2003

Old People

“Mark Pilgrim writes about an interesting experience he had with 'Howard', the old man who lived above him. Don Park and Dave Winer think Mark...”
6 Comments | life | June 05, 2003

APE Part Deux

“At the very bare minimum, writing Popup Windows for the Finder is a colossal task. First of all, the OS X Finder is very strongly...”
0 Comments | cocoa | June 03, 2003