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APE & Carbon & Pure Fear

“So Neosiris and I have been doing the talking about OS 9 and OS X and which is better and which is worse. And I...”
0 Comments | cocoa | May 31, 2003


“Life On Earth - Matt Gemmell talks about the nature of humanity, and I disagree with him in the comments. QuickColor - If I were,...”
1 Comments | blog | May 30, 2003

Prom & El Prom After Party

“Prom was last night. I got home at around 4:30 in the AM. I was tired. Maybe I'm still tired. The afterparty was at Celebration...”
0 Comments | life | May 30, 2003

Summer & the Cycle

“Summer is upon us, or me at least. Had my last exam, genetics, on Thursday, and I've just been hanging out ever since. I've played...”
8 Comments | life | May 25, 2003

Someone is Eating Bloggers!

“Yesterday, I was damn surprised to find nslog drop off the face of the earth. That is almost certainly the weblog that made me want...”
1 Comments | | May 25, 2003

Before I Sleep

“I want you to look at this. Going along very well. English exam tomorrow. What is the character of American Literature? I know it has...”
8 Comments | cocoa | May 20, 2003

IRC Is Complex Maybe

“Yea, it's difficult. But it really just breaks down to a good string tokenizer. I've got that, in the form of an IRC framework, and...”
2 Comments | cocoa | May 19, 2003

Weekend Edition: WarCraft, Cocoa, Exams

“Today I played in the WarCraft 3 tournament. It was Humans & Orcs on Two Rivers, one of the new maps. I have to say...”
3 Comments | news | May 17, 2003

Checkers (not really Cocoa)

“I'm working on this project for school. A game of checkers. It's you vs. the AI, where the AI randomly moves. Obviously all the rules...”
9 Comments | cocoa | May 14, 2003

I'm going to disagree..

“Sorry, Monk, but I can't let this fly. Mostly just the comment that "I'd rather have Apple working on OS X's speed and performance than...”
8 Comments | | May 12, 2003

Slashdot effect

“Slashdot is so lame these days. First of all, Linux is like 90% communists. That's why it's called RedHat. Most of the posts there seem...”
2 Comments | blog | May 12, 2003

Unreal Tournament 2003 Demo

“Both CyberMonk and Erik spoke about Unreal Tournament 2003, the (possible) succesor to the FPS throne. To celebrate the release of a Mac demo, the...”
5 Comments | gaming | May 11, 2003

OS X vs. OS 9

“Matt Deatherage's latest article in MacWorld prompted me to think about this enigma. On one hand, you've got the most usable interface in the world....”
9 Comments | apple | May 08, 2003

The Day In Review (5/7/03)

“Today I took the AP Computer Science AB exam. Forty multiple choice and 4 short answer style questions. I think I may just have netted...”
1 Comments | blog | May 07, 2003

The Stars Align

“Today, while playing Ikaruga, I achieved a play rank on the second level of "C++". While that is a fairly crappy score, it's the first...”
1 Comments | life | May 06, 2003

A Funny Conversation

“Oh yes, you'll laugh your ass off, if you know anything about the people involved. Shugubu and I are speaking about MacStorm Systems. I'll put...”
9 Comments | blog | May 06, 2003

X2: DNA Attacks

“Erik posted the SARS genome today. On a seemingly unrelated (only seemingly though) I saw XMen 2 today. I thought it was pretty good. Not...”
2 Comments | life | May 05, 2003

Dan Wood: Be Quiet

“Yes, that's right, be quiet. I'm sure I'll get lots of hate from Mac users (developers especially because Dan is such a good guy), but...”
0 Comments | apple | May 05, 2003

The Eastern Front

“CyberMonk's domain went live today. So, in a celebration of his first post with a domain, Activity on the Western Front, I'll add him to...”
2 Comments | apple | May 05, 2003

CSS Newbie Designer: Yes, That Is Me

“After ranting a bit about css, I sent emails to two big people, namely Dave Winer and Mark Pilgrim. I was basically asking them if...”
6 Comments | blog | May 05, 2003

Bad CD Drives

“stevenf of Panic fame is complaining that his CD drive rejects CD's fairly often, and that a restart is required to fix it. I have...”
2 Comments | life | May 04, 2003

Drunk Babies

“Before I go take a practice AP US History exam this morning, I've got a little story to relate. I was reminded of this by...”
0 Comments | life | May 04, 2003

CSS: Where art thou? (Height: Auto)

“CSS makes our lives easier. It lets me say what point size and color I want my H3 tags to be, and they will be...”
16 Comments | blog | May 03, 2003

miles to go

“Just a couple of notes: A) Due to a bug of sorts (or else Neo and I are dumbasses, which surely isn't the case), we're...”
1 Comments | blog | May 03, 2003

Redesign 1.0 Tomorrow

“Yes, that's correct. The gloves are coming off tomorrow as I redo this website. Neo has given me the source psd and I'll be taking...”
1 Comments | blog | May 02, 2003