May 30, 2003


Life On Earth - Matt Gemmell talks about the nature of humanity, and I disagree with him in the comments.
QuickColor - If I were, say, Anarchie, Jwizard, or WooHoo I'd use this to put together a very nice looking color scheme. Really, it is good in figuring out what colors go good together, something hard for us non designer types.
Swizcore Studios released a "SS Studio Pro" theme yesterday. I'm using it now, and it's brilliant. If Apple would design their OS around it (and therefore all those custom icons everywhere would look nice in it) I'd use it, forever. That's the biggest problem with themes, they don't play nice with images, since every image is made to look nice in Aqua.
Planetarion - I've signed up again. Do I have time for this? Will it be fun? Who knows! Signup!

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Might I suggest that you try and make the entire blog effect the link hovers rather than just paragraphs. I think that'd make it quite a bit more usable.

·May 31, 2003 08:39 PM · comment by Neosiris   -   ∞
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