May 19, 2003

IRC Is Complex Maybe

Yea, it's difficult. But it really just breaks down to a good string tokenizer. I've got that, in the form of an IRC framework, and now I've got to write a UI for it. Feels pretty complex so far. I've got it able to connect to servers, and if you know the IRC code you can even talk. /part #channel and /join #channel are implemented partially, and I almost have channels loading in seperate tabs. All in all, things seem to be going well. This IRC client will probably be for me alone, so I'm going to go crazy customizing it for little things I'd want, as well as try to keep it as simple as possible.
I love Cocoa. Before Cocoa, I would just accept that ircle sucks but it's the best, and keep moving. Now I've got a good bit of an IRC client written in a day (mind you, the Framework, the hard part, was already done). Adding little features here and there will be fairly easy I think.

Tomorrow I will figure out how to send messages properly AND try to fix up the tab situation so it's nicer. The next step after that is of course UserLists, and after that Preferences (everything from font colors to server selection).
I think in a week (not really, I have finals this week, but after those I will be done for the year) I might have this baby ready to use full time, and I can tell the 30 minute limited ircle demo to go screw itself.

Posted by Stevos at May 19, 2003 12:39 AM | TrackBack

Well good for you!, But you should seriously release this crap to the public.. because I have yet to find a good OS X IRC Client.. so maybe this will be good, I'll beta test for you!!.. anyways


·May 19, 2003 09:16 AM · comment by Exar   -   ∞

Yo I need a good IRC client. ircle can suck my ass. I hate having to delete the preferences every thirty days. You should also put "SCROLLMAKER IS COOL" in the title bar if you want to do that for mine. Cause I will download your IRC client.

·May 19, 2003 03:47 PM · comment by ScrollMaker   -   ∞
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