May 05, 2003

The Eastern Front

CyberMonk's domain went live today. So, in a celebration of his first post with a domain, Activity on the Western Front, I'll add him to my links file.
He brings up a good point: Apple's stock is doing well. I get the feeling that the iTMS will keep going strong, because I bought 3 tracks the first day and about 1 a day since then. It doesn't seem like I'll stop that pattern anytime soon. I'm always hearing music in movies and such and wanting it.
He also links to MacBidouille's story with supposed PPC970 benchmarks. I think they are fake. For one thing, the numbers are identical to this. For another, MacBidouille is a goddamn French site, so where would they get info? Seriously, who trusts the French.

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Hey now, don't bash the freedom sites

·May 5, 2003 09:54 PM · comment by JWizard   -   ∞

/me highfives JWiz!

·May 5, 2003 10:05 PM · comment by Steven Canfield   -   ∞
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