Dan Wood: Be Quiet

Yes, that’s right, be quiet. I’m sure I’ll get lots of hate from Mac users (developers especially because Dan is such a good guy), but I mean, the guy said this! That’s pretty much the most scathing review of the iTMS I’ve ever seen! Plus, it’s hard evidence he hasn’t read this TIME article. To stop you all from AQUASITIONING (©) the TIME.com servers, I’ll just post an excerpt here:
TIME: What about independent labels? Will they follow suit?
Yes. They’ve already been calling us like crazy. We’ve had to put most of them off until after launch just because the big five have most of the music, and we only had so many hours in the day. But now we’re really going to have time to focus on a lot of the independents and that will be really great.

(PS Just kidding Dan)

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