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NSString drawing

“So if you draw a string using [myString drawInRect:someRect withAttributes:attribs] and attribs is an NSDictionary with key:@"NSParagraphStyleAttributeName", and a NSParagraphStyle with NSCenterTextAlignment as the object,...”
0 Comments | cocoa | April 28, 2003

iTunes 4! Online Music Store!

“iTunes 4! Great. It looks like the music store thing majorly overshadows the Rendezvous file sharing, but oh well. Both are great features to add...”
2 Comments | life | April 28, 2003

Cocoa Syntax

“Erik Barzeski recently wrote in his blog: "I really, really like Objective-C's [square brackets] method of markup (whatever you wanna call it)." Cocoa's syntax owns...”
0 Comments | cocoa | April 27, 2003

Cocoa & Carbon

“John Gruber of wrote an article entitled "Accommodating", in which he links to this Mercury News article. He points out (correctly) that the article...”
0 Comments | cocoa | April 24, 2003

Aquasition 2.0

“Yo, everyone. It's Neo, the designer in charge of's look, and I thought I'd address you all on that particular matter. I did the...”
2 Comments | blog | April 24, 2003

WarCraft III Beta Tournament #1 (Human)

“Today I participated in the war3 beta tourney. They really have a nifty system set up. I dislike the thirty minute time limit for the...”
2 Comments | gaming | April 23, 2003

Puzzle Gaming: Ikaruga and Enigmo

“Today I'd like to talk about two games I've been playing lately. Ikaruga (GameCube) by developer Treasure (who did Gunstar Heroes), and Enigmo (Mac OS...”
0 Comments | gaming | April 22, 2003


“Well, as is readily apparent, I (tragic) seem to be posting at Which is pretty cool. I'm not quite clear about what I'll be...”
0 Comments | oneword | April 21, 2003

Abiword Developer Man

“This email shows what happened. This guy gets hired by Apple to do some software development, and works on this Abiword program in his spare...”
0 Comments | | April 21, 2003

QOTD: One Additional Holiday

“Question: If you could add a holiday to the calendar, what would it be and why? I would add a holiday in the month of...”
0 Comments | | April 20, 2003

Safari vs. Internet Explorer

“Bill Palmer's blog points out the success of Safari over IE in such a short time period. He also says that "At this point I...”
1 Comments | | April 19, 2003

There is no trunk

“Mark Pilgrim is apparently giving up on RSS standards which is, uh, really weird, because Mark is like a web coding god. Maybe it's because...”
0 Comments | | April 19, 2003

Slow Multimedia Apps

“The folks at are always writing articles about how slow Cocoa is or how slow the iApps are. While I agree that Cocoa is...”
0 Comments | blog | April 19, 2003

NSPopUpButton problems

“Yay for the first Cocoa topic =] I think that NSPopUpButton needs to be extended. It needs to be given a "setShowsImageWhenClosed:" and "showsImageWhenClosed" pair...”
0 Comments | cocoa | April 17, 2003

Quark and Trackbacks

“Is it news that I hate QuarkXPress, and Quark itself? I think everyone knows there are two things you don't do in my presence and...”
0 Comments | blog | April 15, 2003

Natural Selection & Clans

“Natural Selection is a free Half-Life mod. It suceeds brilliantly in what it tries to do, but fudges a few details (most of them to...”
0 Comments | gaming | April 15, 2003

Fixed menu, added fades

“So I fixed the menu and figured out (with huge amounts of help from everyone else in the world, but especially #mozillazine) how to make...”
0 Comments | blog | April 14, 2003

Omniweb Sneakypeaks (SP 4)

“This is a really impressive thing. Those of you who know what Omniweb is and how great it is have probably heard about these sneakypeaks....”
0 Comments | news | April 13, 2003