April 19, 2003

Slow Multimedia Apps

The folks at Unsanity.org are always writing articles about how slow Cocoa is or how slow the iApps are. While I agree that Cocoa is a bit slower (clearly this is true, though some Cocoa apps are blazingly quick), I disagree with their assessment of the other apps. For one thing, if you, the 'advanced' user has outrun iMovie's feature set, it's time to look into Final Cut Express or Final Cut Pro. If you've beat iPhoto, head to iView Media Pro. If you have outpaced iDVD, get DVD Studio Pro. I think there is a lot of danger in expecting apps that are installed by default to be exactly what you need.
Mail isn't as good as a bunch of mail clients out there, but it's certainly good enough to start writing emails on. Similarly, iPhoto might be too slow for you, but for a novice user who just wants to use his new digital camera, it's an amazingly elegant solution. When you outgrow them, buy some software.

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